Yoga Mat

Classes We Offer

I offer group classes, personalised practices, and one to ones throughout the day to accommodate your busy schedule. If you can't find something to suit you, drop me a message, I'll always help if I can.

Mini Flows

Mini flows are bespoke 30 minute sequences, available as an online video link. If there's an area that you particularly want to target with yoga, for example waking up, back pain, weight loss, or you want a short sequence that you can repeat a few times a week, these are perfect for you.

Mini Flows are available for just £20 for a months access, at the end of the month you can book a brand new flow, we'll add, take away, or edit what you already had to make it even more awesome! Please feel free to email if you would like any further information.

Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga translates to 'union of the body and mind.'

In Vinyasa Yoga we use a combination of the breath and movement through flowing sequences and holds to strengthen and tone the body. We also make time for moments of stillness and meditation to calm the busy mind.

"I started classes with Meg after coming out of a dreadful period of anxiety and depression. Now I use it in my arsenal against it. It works. Trust me."                                                                                               -Julie

"I started off with one class a week and now I also do Cwtch Club, which I HIGHLY recommend if you struggle to relax and sleep... It will leave you wanting more."       


One to One

Nervous about getting onto the mat in a class setting? Already have a practice but keen to improve? One to ones are for everyone, I offer a complementary 30 minute consultation prior to your class to work out exactly what you want to gain, whether thats a focus on a particular area of the body, gaining a better understanding of yoga as a whole, or to work through meditation and stilling of the mind. It's your class, so it is entirely designed around you, with a helping hand from me.

Small groups

With a maximum of six pupils per class this is a great way to get together with a group of friends, or as a small business. The class is tailored to the group, and gives you the benefit of having more one to one time without paying for an individual one to one